These frequently asked questions will help you make the most of your portfolio. We will continue to add content to enhance your video experience.

How are SD and HD Video Downloads delivered? Leo Marshall Video has built a secure digital storage solution for your video files. As soon as your e-mail is entered in our system, we are automatically notified of your order. Once your video portfolio is complete you will receive an email with your secure download information.

How long do I have to access my SD or HD Video Download?
Video downloads MUST be downloaded within 1 year upon receipt. Customers are responsible for checking any junk or spam filters for notifications of availability. Download links can be re-issued by Leo Marshall Video within 1 year of the original SHINE event, however a charge of $15 or $45 may be assessed depending upon the status of the project. The sooner you contact us the better.

Where can video downloads be used?
Video iPods

Video Downloads are an easy, flexible way to share your video. Video downloads can be uploaded from your computer to YouTube, Facebook and most other video networking sites. Additionally, some model and talent management sites now have the ability for you to add videos to your profile. Check with your agent for details. On your computer, Video Downloads can be viewed in QuickTime ( or iTunes ( Both programs can be downloaded free of charge. In iTunes, you can transfer your video to your video iPod or iPhone.

Standard Definition v. High Definition, do you really see the difference?
The resolution of a Standard Definition (SD) or High-Definition (HD) video refers to how many individual dots of color or pixels make up an image. An image’s resolution is often described by multiplying an image’s height in pixels by its width. The more pixels that make up an image, the clearer that image will be when it is made bigger or is seen up close. You may have seen still cameras advertised with a certain number of mega-pixels. A mega-pixel is 1 million pixels.

Since video is made up of about 30 individual pictures or frames per second, the number of pixels any one of these frames contains is generally quite a bit lower compared to a still camera. SD video contains about .25 mega-pixel while HD video contains almost 1 mega-pixel. SD video is good for sharing with friends and remembering an experience. HD video is an ideal choice for razor-sharp YouTube videos, iPads, HD screens, and additional computer editing.

Can I purchase individual competitions or clips?
Video clips are offered as part of a package only. Regardless of how many clips are requested, some of the same steps must be performed to prepare your videos for the web.

Will I be able to order after the competition is over?
Yes. However, orders received after the event will take much longer to process as we send out all of our pre-orders and onsite orders first. Additionally, customers will be billed at the post-convention price listed on the order form.

I received my video and would like to make a change. How do I do this and how much will it cost? Visit and click on “contact.” Fill out the necessary information and describe what you would like to change. If the change is related to an oversight on our part such as incorrect or missing performances that were on the order form, it will be resolved at no charge. For such work to begin, a payment method must be on file.

Can I return or cancel my video for a refund?
Due to the custom nature of the video, completed orders will not be refunded. If no work has yet begun on the video, a refund may be possible.